Art / Nature

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

Arte Sella1

I quite literally happened upon this little corner of nature+art=heaven in the Sella Valley whilst visiting the area of Borgo Valsugana in Italy recently.

Arte Sella is an international outdoor exhibition of contemporary art set up in 1986, in the fields and woods of the Val di Sella, offering an unforgettable journey through nature and its sounds, forms and colours.

Arte Sella3

The ArtNatura project which was begun in 1996, has developed along a path in the woods on the southern slope of the Armentera mountain; every twist and turn of the wooded landscape literally takes your breath away.

Arte Sella5

The artists who create these spectacular works of art are asked to express a respectful relationship with nature and treat it as a source of inspiration. When the exhibition closes, the artworks are left to decay, thus becoming part of nature’s life cycle.



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