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Lest We Play God…

Futuristic thriller Ex Machina is a sinister directorial debut from 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland.

Starring Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac, who will next be seen together on JJ Abrams hotly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, Ex Machina follows Gleeson’s coder Caleb, who wins a trip to the retreat of his company’s CEO Nathan (Isaac).

Upon arrival Caleb is introduced to Ava, an evocative version of artificial intelligence embodied by Bafta-nominated Alicia Vikander. Nathan’s primary aim is to create the ultimate A.I. with help from his employee, but as the relationship between Caleb and Ava strengthens the experiment becomes increasingly dangerous.

Garland cut his teeth writing The Beach, and has since collaborated with Danny Boyle on several projects as well as penning an upcoming adaptation of the video game Halo. The Film4 backed Ex Machina will be his first effort as writer and director.

Ex Machina will be released on January 23.

Via The Telegraph


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