A Backwards Glance / Art

The Fallen 9000

September 21st was Peace Day, a day to remind us that freedom costs dearly and maybe to also make us take a moment to look backwards as we run headlong towards whatever futures we feel like at any particular moment… A gift (or maybe a curse?) enabled by those who lost their lives so we can play at ours?

Fallen 1

An installation, called “The Fallen 9000”, was organized by British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss of Sandinyoureye to commemorate the civilians, Germans and allied troops who died during the D-Day landings of WW2 on June 6, 1944. More than 500 volunteers used stencils to draw 9,000 figures on a beach in Arromanches, France, bringing home the scale of loss.  The installation was swept away a few hours later by the tide.

FallenVia Lustik


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