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Delivering The Future… ‘Ain’t No Planet High Enough’

It’s Sunday and as it’s been a while since last we did this together, kick back, fix a smile and let’s take 5! Enjoy this short from the guys at Alfred Imageworks who pioneer visual media through motion graphics built on original concept planning as opposed to adaptation to preexiting trends. Theirs is a philosophy … Continue reading

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Years Of Living Dangerously

YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY takes the viewer directly to the heart of the climate change story in this awe-inspiring and cinematic documentary series event. Combining the storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movie makers with 60 Minutes’ Joel Bach and David Gelber’s reporting expertise, the docu-series reveals critical stories of heartbreak, hope and heroism as the … Continue reading

No Stitch, No Story
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No Stitch, No Story

Van Gils, the menswear company founded in Holland in 1948, has a long and illustrious heritage and a reputation for delivering quality, great detailing and an edge in product & communication. Its campaign for ‘No Stitch, No Story’ follows sure-footed in this direction with a jacket designed exclusively for its Brand Store in Antwerp. The … Continue reading