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Inspiring Nostalgia In 2033

In the midst of a two-decade period which kicked off the 21st century, there still seems some confusion as to a universally agreed-upon name for these times: the naughts, aughts, zeros, oh-ohs, or 2000s; tens, tweens and teens. How will we look back in, say, 2033 and define the age without a name, much less what the trends, culture, fashions and musical tastes were that we were all in to?

Could it be that we haven’t named the last two decades “because we don’t see things as happening based on time periods in the same way?” suggests Sara Marcus, author of ‘Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution’. “Our e-mail in-boxes even, if you have Gmail, aren’t organized only by time, but by whom we’re talking to. The top message in my in-box might be a string of messages that goes back six months.”

…Or even further if we’re talking about the CF in-box! Read more on the future of nostalgia, here.



Via The New York Times


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