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Mine Kafon Rolls Onwards

Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafon project came to our attention earlier last year, having tuned in via the powerful and beautifully filmed short by Callum Cooper. We learned how a child’s wistful imagination had produced a humble wind-powered toy which, along with it’s owner had ‘grown up’, into an idea that could potentially save lives by helping clear landmines in … Continue reading

Jewellery To Create (Fashion) Statements Of A Different Kind
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Jewellery To Create (Fashion) Statements Of A Different Kind

The series of mechanical jewellery by artist/designer Jennifer Crupi encourages gesture. Various iterations of the concept force an action – such as the ‘power gesture’ which requires the user to assume the authoritative ‘steepled fingers’, or the ‘leg bouncer (stress expresser)’ which focuses on the anxious tick. The pieces amplify habits and positions we engage … Continue reading