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Skiing In ‘Alpine’ Copenhagen

This project for a Waste-to-Energy Ski Slope in Copenhagen by architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), lept to our attention as it combines three of our favourite subjects; snow sports, design and sustainability awareness!


Finally breaking ground on 4th March 2013, the Amagerforbrændingen as it’s known, will take the city’s waste and burn it to create energy. Rather than it being designed to look like any old boring incinerator, the top of the facility will be built as a ski resort with runs for all abilities and even a terrain park. The surrounding area will also provide expanded recreation space and green areas. Vegetation will be planted in the specially designed exterior to make the plant like a large green mountain.

The propsals, initially denied by the City of Copenhagen Planners due to it needing to enlarge the plant thus increasing the amount of rubbish burned and CO2 emissions, has been reinstated in line with Europe’s growing waste problem, not enough landfill space and not a high enough recycling rate to not burn their trash. BIG’s proposal, while certainly not perfect, takes a necessary evil and turns it into something useful. And the scheme includes a special smoke stack will track the amount of CO2 released; every time 1 tonne is generated, the smokestack will emit a 30m-wide smoke ring to help raise awareness about waste and energy production.

Ulla Rottger, Director of Amagerforbrændingen, commented on WAN: “BIG’s proposal contributes to the city with something useful and beautiful. We see this creating a lot of opportunities and with is unique building we can brand the Danish knowledge and technology to show the world our abilities within the environment and energy issues.” BIG is collaborating with realities:united, AKT, Topotek 1 and Man Made Land on the design and construction on the new waste to energy Plant.

via Inhabitat


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