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Location, Location, Location… The Best Neighbourhoods For Life on Mars?

You can see it now, can’t you…? Future settlers on Mars weighing up the pros and cons of which areas on the red planet are the most desirable to live!

With Project Nomad location won’t be an issue! The plan is to build mobile skyscrapers that would move about the planet’s surface using Martian minerals to create complex greenhouse gases and release them into the atmosphere transforming it and the soil chemistry of Mars to make it hospitable for human colonisation.

As various public and private space companies are currently planning missions to Mars, Project Nomad is one of the entries of the Evolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition. The creation of Antonio Ares Sainz, Joaquin Rodriguez Nuñez and Konstantino Tousidonis Rial from Spain, it is their response to “the global increase in population, its concentration in cities, and the development of emerging countries leading to a big increase in energy need.”

Ok, so the ‘Nomad’ buildings haven’t actually been designed to be lived in… But maybe there’s a thought!

via Evolo


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