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Pop Down Parklands In The Ol’ Smoke

Taking cues from the successes of New York City’s High Line park and other derelict revival projects, a Pop Down park is being developed in London.
Visitors will use an underground walkway that repurposes old mail-rail tunnels, previously used to allow post office workers to deliver their parcels without having to navigate the crowded street above, into a public green space.
Fletcher Priest‘s winning design for an underground mushroom farm called “Pop Down”,  could provide a break from hot summer heat while producing something edible. The space would be lit by fiber-optics inside the mail rail in addition to sunlight, which would filter down through sculptural glass mushrooms placed at street level.
Maximizing urban spaces by incorporating natural elements is becoming a global trend. Likewise, re-imagining decaying urban environments as entirely new spaces serves to bring in new opportunities for commerce and cultural exchange.

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