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Mapping The Trends Shaping Our Cities


The BMW Guggenheim Lab, a traveling think tank/community discussion space, released today their latest list of urban trends, gleaned from almost six months’ worth of workshops held in Mumbai, Berlin, and New York City. From Container Architecture to Data Visualization, Crowdsourcing to Urban Data, many of these trends — discussion points, really — pop up frequently.


The list, an expansion of last year’s Berlin-specific release, is a glossary of sorts, and each term is associated with a program or event, says Maria Nicanor, the project’s curator. It’s a record of the issues most important to each city. Over the course of the workshops, which averaged about six weeks, the lab put on daily events and discussions in pavilions built specially for the event. Nicanor, who is also curator for architecture at the Guggenheim, distilled the most important messages into these trends.

“They’re not intended to forecast anything new,” says Nicanor. “They’re a list of the most talked-about terms in each of the cities.”

Read more via Wired


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