Guilty Pleasures / Snapshot

Out To Lunch

Am ‘out to lunch’, only indoors… in a market. These places have a tradition here, something to do with the Great British weather.

It seems like I eat out a lot. I don’t but when I do I like it to engage ALL senses. Today it’s Cardiff’s indoor market.

A whirl of aromas, swish of colours, rise and fall of sounds, hustle and bustle. It all goes on here. And anything goes. Fish, fruit and vegetables, red bloody steaks, handbags, cakes, zips, sweets, flowers, car parts, vinyl, kittens, watch batteries. A life size fibreglass panda and an Elvis. You want something; you can probably find it here.

Today we’re on the upper level, watching the world passing through… sipping tea; milk, 1 sugar …sitting in B. R. Donnelly’s ‘caff’, next to Kelly’s Records where you can usually spot an SFA or The Monsterist scanning through the vast array of second-hand vinyl.

And lunch? Fish finger sandwiches. And no gastro-pub-posh-fishfinger-sandwich-in-ciabbatta for me, thank you very much. This is real ‘old school, a Cap’n Birdseye version (probably not a branded brand at all actually) in buttered white bread! A proper guilty pleasure!

Oh and the answer to the million dollar question?

Red… everytime.



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