Let Us Run Away Together…


Came across The Travel Almanac in a beautiful little bookshop this weekend.

A sublime piece of travel literature which bypasses the standard glossies that usually depict predictable luxury huts on deserted white sandy beaches, the magazine would handsomely sit next to the bold, photographic picture books that grace many a smart coffee table.

Travel Almanac 2Travel Almanac 4Travel Almanac 5

Seeing a gap for a publication that explores travelling and temporary habitation – in what is now a very mobilised society – the magazine features stunning photography, stories of intrepid journeys and insightful travelogues of some well-known names.

Interviews file under the “Guest” section of the tertiary-divided format, whilst “Amenities & Incidentals” covers hotel reviews and “Souvenirs” feature subjective mementos of worthwhile travel advise. A few spare pages at the back are printed with dotted lines and entitled ‘travel log’.

Clean, minimal and scaled down to a portable A5 size, this bi-annual publication is a whole journey of discovery in itself…


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