Banksy Does NYC

As anyone who has been online in the past couple of weeks is well aware, since October 1st, elusive and controversial street artist Banksy has been conducting a dynamic exhibition across New York City, complete with his trademark graffiti, political statement-making installations and one small art booth in Central Park that shocked and disrupted the art world like only Banksy’s work can.


Now halfway through the month-long exhibition titled Better Out Than In, we can’t help but being intrigued and eager for what else is to come.


The artist has already called attention to animal cruelty and slaughterhouses with his disturbing, thought-provoking travelling artwork “Sirens of the Lambs” and has commented on the value of art as business commodities versus their actual value with his perfectly executed art sale that made three patrons very lucky.

As is inevitable during all of Banksy’s exhibitions, theories about his identity have become abundant, but at this moment, we don’t really care if we know who Banksy is. We just want to see more art.


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