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So This Just Happened_ 2014 & Beyond Event [11.12.13], Amsterdam

The auspicious date of 11.12.13 saw the staging in Amsterdam of this year’s Second Sight ‘2014 & BEYOND Event‘. Ten speakers came from all over to present ideas and findings on the steps being taken towards the future – from giants leaps to changes in pace – and that we may soon be experiencing in our day to day.

Futurists, forecasters, trend watchers, creatives and other change-makers covered a diverse range of subjects including ‘Future Skins!’ by Paulien Routs; ‘From Globalization to Universalization’ by global shaper of The World Economic Forum and TWOTY Futurist of the Year 2013 winner, Yori Kamphuis;The Progress of Image’ by Sara Peluso of Monomio and Cybernated Farm Systems by Douglas Mallette, Systems Engineer for the  American Space Shuttle Program (SSP).

Curated Futures was also invited to speak at the Event. From its series #TheFutureIs, the presentation continues the dialogue with Steve Oklyn of Not Vogue begun earlier this year. Curated as a change of mood, a change of pace and a change of time…




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