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Any Colour As Long As It Is BLACK

Going far beyond your typical music gig, PAINTED BLACK is being curated as an exploration of a colour (can we call Black a colour?) and a lifestyle, with the first event taking place at Irving Plaza NYC next Friday 13th February 2014.

Programmed as a series of three Acts (I, II, III) over 3 seperate dates, the live music performances will be paired with visual artists, stage builders, sculptors, fashion designers and filmmakers to create unique pieces that will be debuted at the series.

MATTE Projects is the wizard behind the creative elements of the showcase and is collab’ing with graphics and stage designer Nathaniel Brown as well as award-winning calligrapher and creative director of the New York and London-based label Earnest Endeavours, Aerosyn Lex.

Check out the film short for PAINTED BLACK Act I with the French version of “Paint It Black” by Marie Laforêt setting the mood.


Via Trendland


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