Monday Musing

…Cool Shit…

cool shit is born out of being true to yourself. If you’re a surfer then fire up a spliff and go surfing. If you are a banker then drive a fancy car and rock a Breitling. There is no difference; where it all starts to go wrong when you pretend to be something you’re not. Brands need to take a look at this. Brands need to really work out what they are truly about and then stick to this. And if this means firing up a fat one or rocking the Crown Jewels then so be it. You are what you are, and I’m Stussy for life. Brands need to give love in order to get it back. They need to stop behaving like a bunch of rigid tossers and loosen up. Throw the brand bible out of the window and perhaps something fantastic may happen. Nothing interesting is born out of order. Embrace chaos and see what may come.

King ADZ, Associate Editor, Voxburner


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