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Milano 2014… Qui Veniamo!

Next week sees the opening of a, if not *the*, design event of the year which, if a part of that world, will have most certainly been highlighted with a big red marker (metaphorical if not actual),  in whatever diary-keeping system, application or platform you might use, under the heading “NOT TO BE MISSED”.

Milan14 - 2

The 2014 Milan Design Week kicks off between 8-13 April. Showcasing all that is ‘now’ in product, furniture and interior design, the international design set will be descending upon this world-renowned Italian city of style for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in what will be its 53rd year.

Join us as we track and translate the latest trends that will be making their way into the spaces we live, work and play over the coming days, months and years.



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