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Home Is Where The Haptic Is

One of our favourite exhibitions at this year’s Milan Design Week brings together a collection of furniture and homewares designed by students from the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. Titled ‘Delirious Home’ the objects feature haptic and other integrated technologies to bring us witty interpretations on the concept of the ‘smart home’.

“ With Delirious Home, ECAL students teach us to take control of the latest techniques and appliances we thought controlled us. The students demonstrate their artful mastery of electronics, mechanics and interaction, developing a new kind of aesthetic which goes further than just a formal approach,” explain Alain Bellet and Chris Kabel, the heads of the project.

The “Delirious Home” exhibition presents with humour and originality a selection of projects arising from fruitful collaborations between Bachelor students in Industrial Design and Media & Interaction Design at the ECAL. For one semester, students worked in groups to concoct friendly mirrors that reflect only our image when we look at them, hypersensitive cactuses that like it when we give them a caress, two armchairs that invite you to enjoy a lively and meaningful “tête-à-tête”, a series of food domes that celebrate taste sensations with mellow sounds when they’re opened, a group of containers that defies the laws of gravity, a clock that imitates your gestures, a very accommodating curtain, a fan that amplifies your breath, and a spoon able to follow a cup wherever it goes.

Design students: Iris Andreadis, Nicolas Nahornyj, Jérôme RütscheVictor Férier, Ludovica Gianoni, Danièle WalkerRomain Cazier, Anna Heck, Leon Laskowski, Megan Elisabeth Dinius, Timothée Fuchs, Antoine Furstein, Bastien Girschig, Caroline Buttet, Louisa Carmona, Margaux De Giovannini, Antonio Quirarte, Léa Pereyre, Claire Pondard, Tom Zambaz, Guillaume Markwalder, Aurélia von Allmen, Pierre Charreau, Martin Hertig, Pauline Lemberger, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Tristan Caré, Léonard Golay, Léa Pereyre, Claire Pondard, Tom Zambaz.

If able, ‘Delirious Home’ is a definite go see:
Exhibition open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm

Spazio Orso 16
Via dell’Orso 16
20121 Milan



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