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Years Of Living Dangerously

YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY takes the viewer directly to the heart of the climate change story in this awe-inspiring and cinematic documentary series event. Combining the storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movie makers with 60 Minutes’ Joel Bach and David Gelber’s reporting expertise, the docu-series reveals critical stories of heartbreak, hope and heroism as the … Continue reading

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And… Breathe…

In a break from its typically transparent-as-wood approach to state data, the Chinese Government has surprised everyone by requiring 15,000 factories—influential state-owned enterprises included—to issue real-time reports on their air and water emissions. This decision marks huge progress from just a few years ago, when the government was requesting foreign embassies and consulates in the … Continue reading

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Mine Kafon Rolls Onwards

Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafon project came to our attention earlier last year, having tuned in via the powerful and beautifully filmed short by Callum Cooper. We learned how a child’s wistful imagination had produced a humble wind-powered toy which, along with it’s owner had ‘grown up’, into an idea that could potentially save lives by helping clear landmines in … Continue reading