Culture / Story-telling

The Echo Project

To mark the spring release of Khaled Hosseini’s new book, And The Mountains Echoed, Penguin Books have partnered with Dare Toronto to launch The Echo Project: a sprawling, page-by-page web companion to the novel.
Echo 1
Inviting several high profile artists and authors (including Hosseini himself) to choose and interpret one of the book’s 402 pages, the project is an impressive melting pot of interactivity. Images, historical video, real-time weather data and even Afghan recipes all serve to immerse readers in the book’s themes more thoroughly.
Like LEO The Maker Prince, book publishers are continually using advances in technology to expand the reading experience. And, in a nifty move, some of the project’s 402 pages have been left blank, allowing readers to contribute their own interpretations for consideration.

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