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Wearing Your Haptic On Your Sleeve

Wearable tech designer Billie Whitehouse, who is also co-founder of Wearable Experiments, spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 about her goal to give what we wear intelligence and more purpose. Her first major project was Fundawear, vibrating underwear that transmits touch over the Internet for couples who are apart from each other. A awkwardly fun product, it’s not what people typically think of when they talk about wearable technology. Too many designers focus on the wrist, Whitehouse says, and have missed something really important about smart clothing; designing for intimacy, entertainment and other areas usually disconnected from the wearable tech conversation.

Watch Billie Whitehouse as she talks us through Wearable Experiments’ latest projects, the ‘Alert’ Shirt and the ‘Navigate’ Jacket. Both incorporating wearable tech to give a UX that a). puts the wearer almost literally in the front row of his/her favourite sporting event and b).  GPS tracking which makes finding their way around an unfamiliar place easy and unimpeded by a map or app.



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