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No Stitch, No Story

Van Gils, the menswear company founded in Holland in 1948, has a long and illustrious heritage and a reputation for delivering quality, great detailing and an edge in product & communication.

van gils1

Its campaign for ‘No Stitch, No Story’ follows sure-footed in this direction with a jacket designed exclusively for its Brand Store in Antwerp.

The ‘No Stitch, No Story’ Jacket – Antwerp edition, is an interactive jacket. This unique Antwerp-inspired lining also has a special Van Gils app button which you can use to check-in on your Smart Phone and share via social media. Photos, messages and locations can be linked via Facebook. With this button you can also unlock the ‘No Stitch, No Story’ Antwerp Experience. A spectacular shooting event.

van gils3   van gils5Robert Meijer, CEO Van Gils:

“We hunt for rich experiences, amazing stories and unforgettable events. Our fearless brand manifest attitude comes alive in this jacket. It will give you unforgettable experiences and make heroic stories. Stitches and stories – you’re the man”.

van gils2


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