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#TheFutureIs… Fashion: The Next Step… The Next Black

When Coco Chanel spoke the words “Fashion passes, style remains” she couldn’t have known how relevant it would be 50 years on. With every season, we see more colours, collections and styles than ever before. As fashion moves faster and faster, the concept of clothing hasn’t changed much in over 100 years. Textiles still cover … Continue reading

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The Word On The Street_ Retail Trends [Pt_1]

We’re hearing the terms ‘Showrooming’ (shopping and comparing online whilst in-store); ‘Brand Journalism’ (driving content directly to customers, online and in-store) ; ‘Value of Values’ (the right choices in product quality and the right values in terms of provenance and ethics); these are being bandied about as current trends in retail but we’ve been watching … Continue reading

Un-Packaging The Future [Oh Please YES!]
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Un-Packaging The Future [Oh Please YES!]

With bright fluorescent lights, flashy colours and countless catchy slogans and broad claims, buying groceries can be pretty jarring. Even more so when we consider that those eye-catching packages are destined to end up in the landfill. Is it necessary for our foods to be so loud, or could the future of packaging be a … Continue reading

Wearing Your Haptic On Your Sleeve
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Wearing Your Haptic On Your Sleeve

Wearable tech designer Billie Whitehouse, who is also co-founder of Wearable Experiments, spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 about her goal to give what we wear intelligence and more purpose. Her first major project was Fundawear, vibrating underwear that transmits touch over the Internet for couples who are apart from each other. A awkwardly fun product, … Continue reading