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Mixing It Up_ Painted Black Act I

With tonight’s performance being dedicated to electronic music and taking place at Irving Plaza NYC, Painted Black Act I is the first of 3 events by MATTE Projects. With the lineup including Klangkarussel, Little Dragon and Thomas Azier we really wish we were there! Rounding it off will be Stefan Biniak and for those of us who … Continue reading

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And… Breathe…

In a break from its typically transparent-as-wood approach to state data, the Chinese Government has surprised everyone by requiring 15,000 factories—influential state-owned enterprises included—to issue real-time reports on their air and water emissions. This decision marks huge progress from just a few years ago, when the government was requesting foreign embassies and consulates in the … Continue reading

Murder She Wrote…?
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Murder She Wrote…?

A raw concrete house in Alicante by Spanish studio Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos becomes the scene for a string of mysterious murders in this series of images that take on a macabre playfulness to the usual, ‘straight-faced’ architectural shots most architectural firms commission. Rather than an attractive tourist destination, photographer Luis Diaz Diaz chose to photograph the holiday … Continue reading

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Created for CR Fashion Book, ‘Entropy’ has been made by NYC Agency Swell. Defined by the Encyclopedia Brittanica as “…the measure of a system’s thermal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work” the short leverages digital technology to showcase fashion in a highly refined manner. Perfect synchronization of music and camerawork … Continue reading